Hi everyone, the woman behind this blog would be me.  My name is Justine Cucchi, and I’m a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Classics with a minor in Archaeology.  My professional interests include archaeology, mythology, library science, history, classics, and dank academic memes.

Personally, I refer to myself as a self-proclaimed sci-fi queen and lover of classic horror movies (I swear I have friends in real life).  I love cats, reading, and watching movies, so classical references involving any of the three highly entertain myself (see below).  I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Image result for roman cat
Please look at this Roman cat


Image result for the mummy 1932
Boris Karloff is the best Mummy (the Brendan Fraser trilogy is acceptable too)
Image result for bread and circuses star trek
Star Trek: The Original Series is bae